I love making delicious Cookies and surfing. I'm from Caracas, Venezuela. Grew up surfing in Margarita Island and in San Clemente, California. I first started making cookies when I moved to Playa Hermosa Costa Rica in 2008 to surf and work. Thanks to a few of my venezuelan surfer friends living there I brought the Cookie recipe that I've learned to the north part of Costa Rica. For about 4 years I was there making a living selling cookies around Tamarindo and surfing perfect waves along the coast at the same time on a motorbike.  It was like "a dream". I ended up living in Central America for about 6 years also teaching surf lessons. I also lived in San Juan del Sur Nicaragua for a few years and then in Bocas del Toro, Panama looking for perfect waves and unforgettable experiences. But it wasn't until I moved to Puerto Rico that the Vegan Power cookies were born. Thanks to my beautiful "lactose intolerant" wife Chelsea, we created the new and improved "Vegan Power Cookie".  The old recipe was full of dairy so we created a much healthier recipe with no dairy and no eggs, becoming a full Vegan Cookie! We also added some high quality protein so it became a much healthier and powerful snack.  Our goal is to fill you up with love and joy with our unique vegan cookies that you will always crave in between surf session, before or after training, or just to enjoy at home for dessert. And they are cold!!!! Order yours now and start enjoying our delicious Vegan Power Cookies!

Shipped from Puerto Rico every Monday by USPS Priority Mail after surfing. Thanks for the support! - Raúl Hernández 


    Photo by Michael Sauri @michaelsauri

    Every single Power Cookie is made with love and positive energy"